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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


  • When things are disappointing .Some time you have to sit down and take a deep breath. I learn long time ago that if you don't breath when you feel flustered you make yourself a nervous wreck. Knowing when you feel overwhelmed is a good thing. Prayer is a good way keeping me mellow. So you know that a prayer is something we need to do more of  to heal the soul and the body.When you find your purpose in life,don't expect everybody to be on your side ,they will laugh at and make jokes.You can listen to them or listen to what God has put in your head.For me i'm listening to the higher power.My grandmother used to be up cooking in the middle of the night.That is when i learn to cook and to be quiet and do not ask alot of questions.My mother put me and my sister through a training of cooking.We had to learn recipe from scratch at the time i liked it my sister didn't like it or put herself into it like me.I have had a lot of jobs but i keep coming back to cooking.Being a deli clerk don't make me an expert on anything.I just know what i like.Sometimes i makeup recipes.Someone said to me you talk about food too much and i said i have a habit and i have feed it.I think about food every waking moment of the day

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