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Friday, August 22, 2014


clouds.jpegLately i can not sleep.One i feel like i have been sleeping all my life until recently .Suddenly i started to realize i would wake up and then half way through the day i would have a feeling i just woke up with this amazing joy in my heart.First i thought i was being more crazy then usual.That's when i was realize i was on the right track.Moving my into light,you know the misr after rainshower.I guess thats why i like rainbows.I love looking up at the sky.I was walking with my grandkids and looking up at the sky .That day the clouds was so pretty,they seem like i could touch them.The girls thought something was wrong with me.Dumb me i asked them don't you guys see it and they said see what,i said nothing.When we got home they told my son,something wrong with grandmama.I asked me what was wrong with me,i told him the sky looked so beautiful i kept looking at it and i forgot kids these days don't see the beauty in the sky.I still like looking up at the sky.

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