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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unseen scars

Sometimes I think about all the things I've been through in life.
And i thank God that I made it through it. But I don't live in the past. It toke along time before I realized that my past was holding me back.Not all my past was bad there was some good times.But I well never be able to relive those experiences. When I started getting my faith in God on the right track.My life starting changing little by little.Knowing that he had a plan for me .As time went by I started wondering why my grandmama always went to the alter and got to her knees and prayed and cried back then i didn't understand and didn't like to see her cry.She was the person I spent alot time with when I was little .That seeing her cry hurted me, like I said I didn't understand. But I remember our last conversation and I tried to do what she told me and that was to get a education and don't have a house full of kids.I think she didn't want me to be like her. I then realized she ,she wasn't happy the way her life turned out.
.She always said be good and good things will come to you. One day I heard a song and I couldn't wait for her to hear it.The song was Grandma's hands by Bill Withers. She liked it too .So when the Awards show came on I asked could I stay up and watch she said she would watch too because she like the song..My biggest scar is that my grandmama didn't see me before she died .I hope she see that I'm trying to be the person she wanted me to be.The love I have for her was the best part of my life.My heart is still full of love that I one day will see her again.
When you think life isn't worth living remember your grandmama prayed for your soul and spirit. That's what l believe that scar I have that I thought she didn't know how much l love her still today. Looking at my own grandkids hoping that one day they will know that i love them like she loved me.If your grandmama is still alive spend alot of time with her that love is so special .
#be blessed
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