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Sunday, September 28, 2014


lThis little have so much confidence in herself.You can't help but to love and admire her.The purity in her heart to do what she feel.And to set her goals so high.She have that light in her at early age she wants to shine it so brightly.A she cute as a button.My wish is that no one rains on her parade.You and I know there is negative people that they don't like the beauty.Just tell me she don't inspire you.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


There are days when life seem disappointing.Don't let the present situation take you to the place were you feel like you are spinning your wheels.We all are part of a big plan.Not knowing is the reason we get flustered.No one is more superior than anyone else.We all have a different something inside .Something that will only come out at the right time.That's the reason we all have come to the same place at the same time .Having a purpose in life is important.It's important to know what your purpose is to enjoy life.That must people are happy by putting other people down.Or step on people only when they need them.I truly believe love my neighbor as i love myself.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014


When someone tell you they will arrive at a time you both agreed on, you expect the person to show up at that time.if they are not going to show up.But you don't leave someone hanging. They have this thing called a phone.
When you try to do the right thing and not get mad about the situation.I prayed and I mediate and calmly called and said to the voice mail that now a hour had gone by and no was knocking at my door. Then two hours went by and still no phone called.
Then three hours later my phone rung.And was told how this person was too busy and wouldn't make it today.But he would come the next day but he only small window of time to come and I better be at home .I want to say something that wouldn't be nice. But I toke a deep breath and said thank you .Because I need a stove.I could live without a lot of things but I need a stove.
So how was your day.
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Sunday, September 7, 2014


  • learning the secret
When i was on this journey to find out how to make money online.Everybody kept telling me that before they would tell me nothing without some money up front.I got mad that the information was not free to everyone.So i made it my mission to figure it out.I read everything i could, i listen to everything internet.Trying to understand the in and outs.Some would tell me just a little to get me to want know more.So i pray every night that god would make it clear to me.So i did the survey ,got tricked a couple of times.Then here comes facebook and more information started being more accessible.Then i joined twitter i started connecting with a lot different people.I learned there are people that want you to have the knowledge.I was walking with radio headphone on one day.Listening to a christian station ,the guy was promoting a online job .This was not the first time i heard this promotion,but this time something told me to hurry home .I got my phone out to got on the web site.My phone told me the site was unsafe and locked that site out. So i got on my computer and i looked it up.There was inform that the site was a scam,i decide to read the review.While read the review,i stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate .Once i finished ,i joined right a way.Something pushed in without me even thinking about it.Kyle and Carson have come up with a way people can learn and interact with others that are wanting to learn too.Giving a tips and tricks and letting people learn at their own pace.I spent a lot of time looking for them ,it is said nothing good comes easy .That's way i recommend to all that want to know the secret.Here it is now it's up to you to work the program.Good Luck ,lisa


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