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Thursday, September 11, 2014


When someone tell you they will arrive at a time you both agreed on, you expect the person to show up at that time.if they are not going to show up.But you don't leave someone hanging. They have this thing called a phone.
When you try to do the right thing and not get mad about the situation.I prayed and I mediate and calmly called and said to the voice mail that now a hour had gone by and no was knocking at my door. Then two hours went by and still no phone called.
Then three hours later my phone rung.And was told how this person was too busy and wouldn't make it today.But he would come the next day but he only small window of time to come and I better be at home .I want to say something that wouldn't be nice. But I toke a deep breath and said thank you .Because I need a stove.I could live without a lot of things but I need a stove.
So how was your day.
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