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Monday, November 3, 2014


There seem to be this believe that we are all the same.No one is the same, as it should be the unique personality is original.This is way we should  not judge others.If we were all the same we would be like robots.No one would have a thought of their own.And every time you try to do something that no one else is doing,you would be judged good or bad.Rosa Parks started a campaign for wall of tolerance.I thought that was a good thing that every one should try to be apart of it.Until recently I realize that people are judging and labeling each other too much.

When I ran across this again ,made me remember that we are suppose to love each other.We would be happy and at peace .Peace being the main part to be happy giving your self control over your life.Never fell you have to judge people because you wouldn't want to be judge.When I wake up every morning I'm gratiful so  I thank God and then I say a prayer for this world .Then I think of what I could do to make some one else's life better.Because you it is not all about me.









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