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Monday, December 22, 2014

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday,I am 55 years young.Some where I lost the age of time .Never lied about my age but when I realized my age this year I was surprise that I am considered to be old .Even if people don't believe I'm 55.Yesterday I decide I feel 35,in my head i'm 25.I have learn a lot this year.Which includes this program and others that I have accomplished in my year of learning.
Time spent studying on ALISON Online
Progress 100%
Building an Online Business: 80% quiz

Adobe Photoshop

Still working on this
Code.Org I'm on the second lesson which shows how easy it is to code making apps and games .It's fun and informative.So I am not sitting around waiting for time to past me by I'm enjoying my life to the fullest.Everyday might not be a party but everyday is a learning experience and loving it .I spent the yesterday at church praising GOD for another year.Realized that the old me was died and a new me was born.That's why I will keep moving forward not looking back because the best is yet to come.



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