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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Thirty four years ago my life change and so did my plans for my life. When I was twenty one I made a decision to join the National Guards but God had other plans for me to be a mother. I went all the way to Fort Jackson , South Carolina to be told I was pregnant.  I told them to test again because I could not believe , that I would not know I was pregnant it took three test for me to believe it. Well it was easy to join ,but hard to get release . So eating the food there made me begin to show. a mouth later I was back in Michigan . I had a boy on May the twenty third ,natural child birth because he came quickly there was no time . As time went by he realized  he would be an only child .Always saying he wanted a sibling. People called a him a mama's boy,spoiled .but he was taught to respect people and to not depend on no one and he had to work hard to get a head in life. And a house full of kids is not always a good thing. He has been working every since he was fifteen.So he has a good work ethics. Working at he same company for thirty years , these days that is a blessing .I love him to death and he knows it but some times
it's alway good to say it.Here is to thirty four more years. Happy birthday to my Number One Son.Your mother loves you.

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