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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I'm a very helpful person, I love giving to anyone. But there is so much I could do and prefer to help people that will help them self. I helped some one recently and they decided to ask me to let them connect into my internet and they would pay me ten dollars a week. I had to say no but I gave them ideas that I did not understand why young people did not already know,that they had the internet right in their hand. I started trying to learn how to build a website on my phone and read everything I could through different website. I spent a lot of time reading everything I could .Even now when I' not at my computer , I'm still uses my phone internet to keep up because I'm still learning . They could not believe I started with my phone, technology has come a long way and changing every day. And doing every thing I can to learn every thing I can is my goal. There is some much to learn these days that there is no excuse not to learn all the new stuff .It is still exciting to me as it was years ago when I first started. That's why I tell my grand babies to please never stop dreaming and looking for what is beyond their imagination. Keep looking behind the curtain.

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