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Monday, November 23, 2015


If you did not know,I am a deli clerk at nice size grocery store.I talk to a lot of people sometimes they just want to talk. This lady told me that they like to talk to me because I listening to what they have to say. The other night a guy a regular customer came on and we got talking about Paris .He pulled out his phone and showed me this video of the warning to get out of United States.He told me that he is going to get out of the states as soon as possible.That it wasn't save here,I know he was serious but it was funny to me.So I asked where will be going and he said he didn't know .So I asked how he was getting there ,he didn't have a answer. He just kept saying he was leaving. I was trying to tell him you can run from death but if it's your time to go hiding won't save you. He said he didn't to die and I said that it will happen no matter if he wants it or not. He is one of the people that I thought had a good mind but that night he let me see a different side of him. I told him if he has fear in his heart then he is killing his self.I explain to him there is only one person has a say about his life that is God and him. If he have faith then he don't need fear. I don't think he have the money to go far ,so I will see him this week maybe or maybe not.Everyone have a good week and be happy the holiday is just starting.

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