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Saturday, November 19, 2016


"I listened as they called my President a Muslim terrorist sympathizer .
I listened as they called him and his family a pack of monkeys.
I listened as they said he wasn't born here.
I watched as they blocked every single path to progress that they could.
I saw the pictures of him as Hitler.
I watched them shut down the government and hurt the entire nation twice.
I watched them turn their backs on every opportunity to open worthwhile dialog.
I watched them say that they would not even listen to any choice for Supreme Court no matter who the nominee was.
I listened as they openly said that they will oppose him at every turn.
I watched as they did just that.
I listened.
I watched.
I paid attention.
Now, I'm being called on to be tolerant.
To move forward.
To denounce protesters.
To "Get over it."
To accept this...
I will not.
I will do my part to make sure this great American mistake becomes the embarrassing footnote of our history that it deserves to be.
I will do this as quickly as possible every chance I get.
I will do my part to limit the damage that this man can do to my country.
I will watch his every move and point out every single mistake and misdeed in a loud and proud voice.
I will let you know in a loud voice every time this man backs away from a promise he made to them.
Them. The people who voted for him.
The ones who sold their souls and prayed for him to win.
I will do this so that they never forget.
And they will hear me.
They will see it in my eyes when I look at them.
They will hear it in my voice when I talk to them.
They will know that I know who they are.
They will know that I know what they are.
Do not call for my tolerance. I've tolerated all I can.
Now it's their turn to tolerate ridicule.
Be aware, make no mistake about it, every single thing that goes wrong in our country from this day
forward is now Trump's fault just as much as they thought it was Obama's.
I find it unreasonable for them to expect from me what they were entirely unwilling to give."

Author unknown.
(Copy and Paste Everywhere)

Monday, November 14, 2016

We The People

We the people must learn to always be for the people . Not some of the people not a few people . We the people have things in this world that we do not like .We the people have to learn to treat each other as human being .We the people must be tolerate of each other. We the people have to keep believing in faith and hope. The world and life has so many secrets for us to discovery. But we have to realize ,we are not in control .We the people must understand the Constitution That everyone has the right to be treated as human being.
The peace that we the people need to live a peaceful live.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Get Up and Try Again

A few years ago, Donnie McClurkin released a record hit called, “We Fall Down”. The lyrics are simple yet transformative to what many considered to be typical gospel music: We fall down, but we get up. But a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up. For many of us, this is our story. We have tried a new job, which we loved and failed. We have tried a relationship and have failed. We have tried to be like Jesus and have failed. Too often, we are defined by our failures. Our failures become a mark of shame and ridicule. Therefore, we run and hide when we fail. We do our best to cover up the story and embellish it to ensure that folks do not see our mess-ups. Besides, who wants to be seen as weak or a failure?

In the sermon Power to Endure by Pastor Jenkins, he reminds us that all things worth having, take time; that life is a journey of a thousand mess-ups; that our failures do not define us, but rather, how we respond to those failures. God has provided everything that we need to try again. When we are knocked down by life’s troubles, we exercise our access to divine power when we stand up and try again. The enemy is troubled and angry when time after time of knocking us down, we get back up and continue to fight. If there is something you want out of your life, it is your responsibility to press forward, despite the shame, despite the troubles, despite the scars, and learn from the failures so that you will stand up stronger than ever.

As Jesus endured the horror of the cross and suffered that all of us would be free, he exemplified endurance. Jesus was beaten, ridiculed, betrayed and ultimately killed in order so that we would have direct access to God. He endured all of this, because he loved us and knew it had to be done. Yet, a few days later, he rose up from the grave to show us that though we might be knocked down, we have the power to get back up again through Jesus Christ!

Mother/Father God,
Thank you for being the lifter of my head
When life has knocked me down,
You stretched forth your hand
And gave me the courage to get up
I will forever be thankful.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior,

Watch Today's Sermon: The Power to Endure

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fire Stick

The new fire will now be able to navigate through all the contents and apps .You will be able to preview the new movies and apps. you will get a moving image instead of a still photo. You will be able to see what is is paid and what is free to watch on any service you subscribe to Hulu and Netflix .Alexa will be connected to let you command to skip or find a particle movie. It will tell you if you own or have seen something before you spend money on it again. By the end of the year all Amazon fire will be updated. Amazon fully loaded is a good buy .I know people think it is better than cable. Forty dollars is not bad but you can find it on Ebay cheaper a few dollars.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Sunday, October 16, 2016

10 But whatever I am now it is all because God poured out such kindness and grace upon me—and not without results: for I have worked harder than all the other apostles, yet actually I wasn’t doing it, but God working in me, to bless me. 11 It makes no difference who worked the hardest, I or they; the important thing is that we preached the Gospel to you and you believed it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016



Thursday, June 9, 2016

Aged Rum 101 and a Rum-Refashioned Carla Jun 09, 2016

Appleton Estate Rum and Lipstick | Haute CocktailI have to admit that I'm a fan of whiskey. No matter if you hand it to me on the rocks, with a splash of ginger ale or in a classic Old-Fashioned cocktail; I'm all over anything whiskey based. However, once upon a time, you would have heard me ordering a rum cocktail on any given Saturday night. The switch happened throughout years of exploring and trying new things… In other words, it's a story for another day. Today, I want to share with you the resurgence that dark rum is having in the bar scene, and how similar the paths to sipping perfection between whiskey and premium aged rums are.
Premium aged rums are able to match whiskey in complexity, flavor and versatility. In a lot of familiar cocktails, you can even exchange whiskey for dark rum, like in the Rum Re-Fashioned recipe I share below.  So, what are the similarities between dark rum and whiskey?
  • Aging: Like whiskey, dark rum is aged in wooden barrels. The wood, then, gives it delicious notes of caramel, vanilla and fruit while the time in the barrel ensures that the taste is smooth and mellow.
  • Quality Ingredients: While whiskey requires quality grains (rye, corn, wheat, etc.), rum uses first-rate sugar cane. For example, Appleton Estate Rums grow eight different varieties for a unique flavor profile.
  • Master's Touch: Both whiskey and rum are complex liquids that reqquire a keen nose and taste buds to blend each batch to the desired flavor. Whiskey has Master Distillers, while rum has Master Blenders.
  • Versatility: The sweetness of both rum and bourbon are delicious in cocktail recipes or on their own.  
Rum Re-Fashioned cocktail recipe | Haute Cocktail

Rum Re-Fashioned

2 oz. Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old
.25 oz. Maple Syrup
Dash Dale DeGroff's Pimento Bitters
Orange/lemon Oil
2×2 Ice Cube
Add maple syrup, a dash of the bitters, and Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old and gently stir to combine all ingredients. Gently add a 2×2 ice cube. Stir in the glass 20-30 times and garnish with the oil & peel of lemon and orange.

A lot of bars are bringing in new rum cocktails to their menus. You can also see a lot of Bar Rums sprouting all over the country, while a lot of tiki bars (which tend to have a pretty nice amount of rum-based cocktails) are also reinventing their offerings to be more sophisticated. You can check out Mother of Pearl (NYC), Pagan Idol (San Francisco), Rum Club (Portland) and Three Dots and a Dash (Chicago). Feel free to check out my guide to what to do and eat in Chicago, if planning a visit there.
Do you dare to sip dark rum like you sip your whiskey? Give it a try! I like to sip mine on the rocks or with a splash of ginger ale. Also, when drinking on the rocks, I love the sweet caramel-y flavor I get once a bit of the ice has melted in my Appleton Estate Rum. Get a bottle and let me know what you think of the experience on a comment. And if you are already an aged rum fan, share with me your favorite brands!
*Thank you Appleton Estate Rums for gifting me a bottle for me to enjoy and sharing all this great information with me. There was no further compensation for this post.* 

Wearona Interview: Style, Drinks & What to Do in NYC Carla Jun 09, 2016

Wearona Interviews Blogger Carla Ortiz on Fashion, Cocktails and Things to Do in NYC | Haute CocktailI am very excited to share with you the interview I answered for fashion and culture site, Wearona. The interview focuses on my career as a Lifestyle Blogger, personal style, favorite cocktails, and my insider guide to the top 10 things to do in NYC. Check it out and hope that you are inspired to follow your dreams… or at least to explore and enjoy a cocktail in the Big Apple.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day 2014

Monday, May 9, 2016

Order In The House: Attorney Jerry Ashford and Evangelist Sharon Ashford Sharon Ashford


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pinch Of Yum

Tasty Food Photography eBook



Steve Harvey's emotional tribute to his mom! [Full Video]

Steve Harvey's emotional tribute to his mom! [Full Video]

Steve Harvey Breaks Down After Seeing His Mama's House

Monday, May 2, 2016

Summer Whites + J. Jill May Collection

*This post highlights summer whites and features an item from J. Jill's May Collection, gifted to me for a product review
Hey Everyone!
I wish I could say "Happy Monday", but I'd only be able to say that if I didn't have to work. :-) One thing I am happy about is the fact that the wishy washy weather is gone. Warm weather is finally here to stay and the first day of summer is fast approaching. That means it's time to start planning out your summer wardrobe! I don't know about you, but I plan to wear tons of summer whites this season. There's something so regal about white. I always feel elegant when I wear it. Not to mention the fact that it keeps you cool in the heat. I'm REALLY excited about the pieces I'll be featuring this week from J. Jill's May Collection. I purposely handpicked my favorite white pieces to show you how fun wearing white can be. I'm also in LOVE with every piece I'll be wearing this week so please stick with me as I show you how I've styled them!
Today, I'm wearing J. Jill's Embroidered Tiered Maxi Dress. What can I say…this dress is SO unbelievably comfortable and sophisticated! I've been posting for J. Jill for quite a while now and I've mentioned on several posts how phenomenal the quality of their clothing is. I simply can't say it enough. The fabric of this dress is so soft that you literally feel as if you have nothing on! I shot these pictures on Sunday after it had rained on Saturday. That means that not only was it hot, but it was humid as well. I'm happy to report that I felt cool as a fan while wearing this dress! To give it some shape, I added a brown belt. Brown accessories and shoes were also added to help bring out some more color. The end result? Feminine Bohemian Chic. I think this outfit is definitely going to be added to my list of favorites!
Here's my look: 
*Photos taken by Richard Glass
Summer Whites
Summer Whites
Summer Whites
Summer Whites
Summer Whites
Summer Whites
I'm seriously crazy about this dress! Stick with me this week for more of my picks from J. Jill's May Collection. You can also check out the entire collection now by visiting j.jill.com!

So will you be wearing any summer whites this season?

*All opinions in this post are 100% my own
Until next time…

Gold and Bold

Bold Eyeliner, glitter on face and Golden lip color are few makeup trends of Spring/ Summer '16, which I combined together to create a new look for my college project.

Taking inspiration from Egyptian makeup style, I recreated the look with square flick eyeliner. Golden lips are done in place of nude lips, using glitter eye - shadow. Attention has been drawn towards eyes by placing Bindi(s) under my eyes. 

Curls are done to add drama. Golden accessories are used to give a finishing touch to the Egyptian look.

Eyeliner - Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Foundation - Lancome Teint Idole Ultra
Lips - Eye shadow from Urban Decay Palette
Nails - Maybelline Downtown Red 216

What do you think of the look?
Comment below. :)

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Photography  - Harneet Singh


Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince on His Music The View

Prince "Flees from Fornication" on The View

Friday, April 15, 2016

I Will Not Cry

Realizing I will never see that smile.I will not cry.
Not having those debates that we had about life
I will not cry.
Not being able to tell you the news of the day.
I will not cry.
Knowing that you got the last word as usual .
I will not cry.
You will be in my heart always .
I will not cry.
As I think of you everyday.
I will not cry. 


I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
by Maya Angelou

The free bird leaps on the back of the wind
and floats downstream till the current ends
and dips his wings in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.
But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage
can seldom see through his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.
The caged bird sings with fearful trill
of the things unknown but longed for still
and is tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom
The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn
and he names the sky his own.
But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing
The caged bird sings with fearful trill
of the things unknown but longed for still
and is tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WATCH: Trump makes fun of Chris Christie to his face for being ‘absentee’ governor

WATCH: Trump makes fun of Chris Christie to his face for being ‘absentee’ governor

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Project Break Through


Women Coders

Recently I read an article about woman coders .That they do not get the respect that men get for being a pro coder. So Google is giving a free three months class for women to learn to code. I have been learning to code for the last year. I can do simple tasks. It is not as hard as I thought it would be and one the courses said spend twenty minutes everyday and you will get better at it, so that's what I do. When I tried that I did get a little better but I'm still learning . Google published a diversity report that only 30% of their employers are women,which 1 or 2% are african- american or hispanics .They are trying to improve it. There are more women attending the I/O developers conference compared to years before it. The Labor Department says that only 20% of software developers in U.S are women, only 12% of science degrees go to women I think everyone should try to learn it is fun and easy then what you may think. There are a couple free programs to try Code.org and Code school. I hope that someone want to learn something new and who knows you may come up with the next best program.

lisa-Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Black History

  This evening service at church was a Black History program. To learn all the things that was about our history and culture. To listen to the songs that helped people get through the trails and tribulations. The food that they ate and the food that have been made famous by the slaves. I can hear Dr. Kings I have a dream and Maya Angelo I rise up a thousand times and a I still get chills when I hear those words. Knowing that someone died trying to learn to read and write, the privilege that we have right now some one once died for the right . They song to the lord for help,We shall overcome,Climbing Jacob latter. Sometime the songs popup in my head and i have said free at last thank God almighty I'm free at last .The words have the same meaning as for before. And there was a mini museum , here are some pictures.



Monday, February 22, 2016

Wealthy Affiliate

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Choose the Best DIY Website Builder?

Currently there are four website builders that seem to be jostling for the top space; these bring Jimdo, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. Therefore it is difficult to know which to pick particularly as they can be worlds apart although very similar in looks....

Shoe Spring/Summer Trend -2013

Dear Beauties,                        I am sure you all had a fab week and there might be lots of interesting stories and fashion ideas to share.  Even me I did my bit to know more about...

Splurge vs Save....

Splurge Products: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 Save Products: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4    I think my favorite drugstore brand would have to be NYX. Mainly because of the quality and of course, the price but they're also cruelty-free, which is huge. Although I...

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Our Bridesmaid Dresses

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EN :I don't know if I mentioned before, I am happy to have three sisters ... one more beautiful than the other . Next year, one of them is getting married and between us there is a constant exchange of photos with dresses .   As bridesmaids we would...

Gray & brogues

I must admit that, at least for the past 20 years, I haven't wore middle part hairstyle . I have a round shape face and I always thought that it wouldn't suit me. I knew that I would have to try it in order to create some angles and lose some of the...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Valentine's Day Sleekster

I'm feeling very spoilt today receiving the Valentine's Day Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat . Having vowed to hit the gym this new year, sometimes after a busy day at work there's nothing better than shunning the gym, heading home, donning your pj's and...

Penne with Tomato-Goat Cheese Sauce and Sauteed Spinach

This is a super simple, pretty healthy and wholly satisfying meal. Also very affordable. These were all just things I happened to pick up at Trader Joe's the other day. (serves 1) 4 oz goat cheese 2 cloves minced garlic 10 cherry tomatoes 2 tbsp olive...

Homemade Soup Day!

Today is homemade soup day ! In our home,   mushroom soup in all its variations takes the number 1 spot on the list of homemade soups. Coming in at a close second is Chinese egg drop soup  which also comes in several variations. Not all soups...

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas + Makeup!

Yet another valentines my friends and wether you'll be celebrating with your date or a handful of friends I'm sure you want to look gorge and that's why I wanted to give ideas for looks, and makeup! For starters I shopped my closet for these looks (believe...

Pulled Chilli Beef

As I am sure you know I am a big Mexican food fan. That classic mix of cumin, oregano, tomato and chilli flavours never cease to stimulate the taste buds whether with vegetables, chicken or fish. But beef, that's a whole other story. It seems to be a...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chinese Peanut Cookies – Galletas Chinas de Cacahuate

One of my favorite cookies of all times, are peanut butter cookies. In Mexico they are not very well known, but since we were little, my mom always made us the traditional peanut butter cookies, those who have the crossed fork decoration. But I just...

parmesan truffle fries

I remember the first time I learned about truffle oil. I was a bit confused - is it chocolate oil? Do they squeeze the life out of those little delicacies to create a concentrated chocolatey truffle essence? Now don't get me wrong - that kind of truffle...

Homemade Soup Day!

Today is homemade soup day ! In our home,   mushroom soup in all its variations takes the number 1 spot on the list of homemade soups. Coming in at a close second is Chinese egg drop soup  which also comes in several variations. Not all soups...



Turophile from Domenica Berman on Vimeo .

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Italian Sausage Soup With Spinach & Pasta

Italian sausage soup with fresh spinach, gluten free pasta, and shredded aged parmesan or the more traditional and old fashioned chicken soup full of fresh vegetables and ditalini pasta? It 's hard to decide which soup will make the top ten winter soup...

Recipe: Biltong and two-cheese tart

Today I'm cooking with biltong again and have come up with a lovely quiche with a mix of biltong, spring onions, Cheddar and goat's cheese. It's a delightful combination and oh-so-easy to make, especially if you buy ready-made pastry, which I tend to...

Monday, February 8, 2016


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Apparently by now most of us have forgotten about our new year resolutions and fallen off the diet wagon. However not all of us need to diet as such to lose those extra pounds we put on as we indulged in December. What we really need to do rather than...

Most sane people - even a significant percentage of law enforcement authorities - now freely admit that the War on Drugs has been a complete and utter failure. It's been a costly war, both in financial and human terms. Millions of Americans are serving...

How to Build Traffic So you're writing your heart out. Fingers cracked and bleeding. Eyes bleary, blood-shot. On the verge of caffeine poisoning. Your reward: Three people have read your blog. Another five have noticed your Twitter post. No one clicked...

Some people have asked me if I became a vegan this year, because most of the recipes I've shared this month have had this feature. I don't like to use labels to categorize a diet, but I don't consider myself a vegan person. It is true that I'm trying...

  Ever since John Galliano left Christian Dior, Paris Haute Couture has missed some of the decadent, flowing, feminine gowns that he designed with their roots firmly in Dior's 'New Look'. And while Christian Dior and Maison Margiela, John Galliano's...


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