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Sunday, January 24, 2016


CREATION IN THE MIND: I keep hearing about bitcoin and wondered what exactly is this currency everybody keep talking about. Saying it is the new currency to replace the existing currency would not be the truth. From what I understand it is digital currency. You can move currency without a bank or credit company. It is not like money that can be traceable normal way.The whole network can see when a transaction happens. Your identity can remain anonymous,people will not have to know what you purchased whether legal or illegal. You also can use it with a QR codes where they accept the QR code. People like the idea that they don't have to demand on the government to print money. People are trying to make money off of this thing. With this new thing you don't have to use your identity. Merchants don't have to charge any fees and they don't have to worry about fraud that is the result about charge back. The United States is paying attention to the new currency. The are making sure the currency is not being use to

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