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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Person To Be

When  you look at me do you see me ? Or do you see you or do you see someone else . I'm who God made me to be.  He had no plans to make  everyone to look and think a like . Being me is important for my life. Just like being you is important for your life. Stop trying to make your life more important than someone else life. Being mean and hateful to someone do not make you more important . And we know that God do not like the sin of the world. Wishing harm and downfall to someone only to fell better about yourself. If you do not know what love their neighbors means maybe you should learn the Word Of God. Mark 12:31The second important command is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Being kind and good in heart is so much better than hateful. Being mean and negative makes you look petty and ugly inside and out. We all grew up hearing  if you do not have anything  to say that is nice do not say anything. And if you want the blessing of the Lord you have to learn to forgive and  grow  to be a blessing in some one else life . People are not all the same, that is why you are you and I am me . Enjoy being you and you will learn that your life can be so much more than just living .
Love Me
Lisa Thurmond

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