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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Crazy Person Inside Everyone

My brother"s death anniversary came so fast. It do not seem like a year, when I hear someone tell me how he gave them good legal advice . I feel very proud that he helped people. When I would tell him someone else problem he would tell me what to say to help someone. Sometimes I would tell him I don't know if I would see that person again . Then he would go get some papers and just in case you do. When we was cleaning out his apartment no one realized how much law books he had put together. The hard job for us was to try to give them away.People took what they were interest in and we still had so many left.I hate to see his hard work go to waste. People thought he was crazy because he went everyday to the Department Human Resource to help people with filling out paper work and applying for a job. And he help me when I was at my lowest point in my life he told me how to get help and where to go to get help. Some one ask me why was he at that place everyday ,did he need money and ask them did he ask you for money and they said no. He was offered a job there but he just wanted to help people when he wanted to help. Some people go through life not knowing their purpose in life but I feel he knew his purpose was to help people. He even knew he was going to die,a conversation we had a month before he died made me realize that he knew his time was coming to a end. I miss the conversations and memories we shared, always saying your favorite line. Nothing but love for you baby.

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